Some tips on fumed silica provided in this post, along with advice on where/how to purchase fumed silica.

Freight is a large part of the price

Fumed silica is very light. Take containers as an example, one 20’GP load only 1,800KG fumed silica, while it loads 25,000KG PAC. Assume the freight to the destination is $2000 USD. The freight of each KG:

Fumed Silica Polyacrylamide
Capacity(Mt) 1.8 25
FOB Price (USD/Mt) 3000 1800
CFR Price (USD/Mt) 4111 1880
Freight (USD/Mt) 1111 80
Freight % in price 27% 4.20%

Where to buy fumed silica

The customers whose average order quantity larger than 1Mt per month, please contact us and we will definitely offer professional advice and competitive price.

If the average order quantity is less than 1000kg and the distance from the warehouse is over 100km. A distributor within 10km, or purchase from online stores like Amazon, eBay is a better choice.

Fumed Silica General Price List

For a more detailed price, please contact us with: average order amount, grade, destination. Then the price will be provided accordingly.


  1. The price changes from time to time.
  2. The price can be various to different destination, appliations.
  3. Some grades not listed on this page.
Please contact us to get more details and the precise price.