Application Primary Performance Criteria Suggest Grade Suggest Addition (M/M%)
HTV Silicone Rubber Elongation Resistance; Ease of Compounding XYSIL150 XYSIL200 15~50
RTV Silicone Rubber RTV-silicone sealant
(1 component)
Reinforcement; Thixotropy, Rheology control, dispersibility XYSIL150 XYSIL200 3.0~30
RTV-molding compound 3.0~30
Liquid Silicone Rubber 15~35
Adhesive Polychloroprene Thixotropy; Anti-settling; Sag Resistance; Extrusion Rate; Rheology Control XYSIL200 XYSIL300 XYSIL380 1.0~2.0
Epoxide Resin
PVC Plastisol Thixotropy; Anti-settling; Free-flow; Insulation XYSIL200 XYSIL300 0.3~2.5
Plastisol PVC Mixture 0.1~1
Cable Compound 1.0~2.0
Membrane 0.1~1
Paints & Coating Zinc Rich Paints Thixotropy; XYSIL200 0.5~2
Alkyd Paints Anti-settling Thixotropy; Free-flow XYSIL200 0.5~5
Acrylics Paints XYSIL200 XYSIL300 XYSIL380 0.3~2.5
Polyester Paints 0.5~2.5
Powder Coating 0.5~5
Gel Coating (Polyester) 2.0~3.0
Resin Laminating Resin Thixotropy; Anti-settling; XYSIL200 / 200LS XYSIL300 XYSIL380 0.8~1.5
Gel coating 2.0~3.0
Grouting mixture 0.5~2.0
Print Ink Relief Printing Thixotropy; Anti-settling; Sag Resistance; Rheology Control XYSIL200 XYSIL380 0.5~2.0
Intaglio Printing
Hectograph XYSIL150 XYSIL200 0.5~2.5
Insulating Glue Thixotropy; XYSIL200 5.0~10
Thermal Insulation Material Vacuum Insulation Panel Heat and sound insulation XYSIL150 XYSIL200 XYSIL380 70-95
Ceramic Cooktop 60-80
Pharmaceuticals Tablets Free-flow, processing adi, disintegrant, reduced compacting force, Thickening, Heat stability XYSIL200P XYSIL300P XYSIL380P 1.5-10
Dragees 3.0-12
Batteries Battery Gels, Lithium lon Batteries Thickening, Thixotropy, Gel Foramation, Thermal Stability, Electrolyte wettability XYSIL200 XYSIL380 2.0-6.0
Cosmetics, Personal care Color Make-up; Nail polish, Hair and body care Thickening, Thixotropy, Antisedimentation, Free-flow XYSIL200 XYSIL200P 0.2-10
Food Powders food; carbohydrates Flavors, Dry Soup, Spice, Flavors XYSIL200F 0.5-3.0

XYSIL Fumed Silica Products